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Heavy rains devastate Russian Far East capital (VIDEOS)

Vladivostok’s central streets have turned into streams due to half the monthly precipitation average coming down in one dayHeavy rains devastate Russian Far East capital (VIDEOS)

Heavy rains devastate Russian Far East capital (VIDEOS)

A screenshot from a video depicts cars amid powerful rains on June 8, 2023 in Vladivostok, Russia ©  Elena Kopylova / RIA Novosti

A powerful storm has made landfall in Russia’s Far East, flooding the streets of its capital, Vladivostok. Torrential rain has brought traffic to a standstill in several parts of the city.

According to local meteorologists, the downpour on Thursday saw half the monthly rainfall average wreak chaos on the city streets. To make matters worse, strong winds have also been blowing in the area.

The inclement weather arrived one day ahead of expected.

Videos shared on social media show submerged cars and buses, with people having to wade their way out of the stalled vehicles in waist-deep water. 

On top of that, local authorities reported that the storm had toppled several trees, and caused a landslide and power supply disruptions in a number of neighborhoods of Vladivostok.  

All city services have been put on full alert until the end of the week in a bid to mitigate the aftermath of the storm. 

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Meanwhile, meteorologists have warned that the downpour and winds will become even stronger on Friday, and conditions are likely to persist at least until Saturday.


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