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Comedian asks US city council to sign up for ‘World War 3’

Alex Stein has gone viral for his political comedy stunts in front of US councilmembersComedian asks US city council to sign up for ‘World War 3’

Comedian asks US city council to sign up for ‘World War 3’

© YouTube / Alex Stein

American comedian Alex Stein infiltrated a Texas city council meeting this week in an effort to convince politicians to sign up for “World War 3” against Russia in Ukraine.

Stein – who posed as Marcus Mathews, a supposed US sergeant in the Ukrainian Foreign Legion – opened his speech by telling the Richardson, Texas councilmembers that he was there to “recruit some of you to go fight in the war in World War 3.”

“If even just one of you were to consider joining, it could change the whole landscape of the war. You guys don’t realize the power you have as a council member,” Stein mocked, adding, “If one member decides to stand up and do what’s right and fight for this man right here, Volodymyr Zelensky, you can make the difference.”

After asking the councilmembers whether they would like to “die a nobody” or “die a hero,” Stein jokingly requested that they sign a sheet with their name, social security number, mother’s maiden name, and credit card number – explaining that there would be “a small deposit to make sure that we can reserve your spot on this flight.”

“It’s going to give you the ability to defend this country from tyranny, because here in Richardson, Texas, Vladimir Putin is knocking on our door,” the comedian said. “Do you want a nuclear missile coming in your back yard? We need just one councilwoman, one councilman to stand up.”

Unsurprisingly, as Stein approached the councilmembers with his sign-up sheet, not a single member was willing to sign their name.

Stein has become famous for his viral stunts in front of various city councils and is most well-known for performing comedic rap songs in front of American councilmembers who are obliged to listen for the duration of his designated speaking time.


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