Explosion destroys Greek dynamite factory

The blast has completely leveled the plant’s production unitExplosion destroys Greek dynamite factory

Explosion destroys Greek dynamite factory


An explosion occurred at a dynamite factory in the village of Agalaios, near Grevena, in the Itea region of northern Greece on Monday morning. According to initial reports, three people are missing and two have been injured.

Explosion in an explosives production factory in Agalaios, Grevena. 11 # firefighters were mobilized with 4 vehicles, as well as forces from 2nd and 5th EMAK [Hellenic Fire Service],” read a post on the official Twitter account of the Greek firefighting force. 

According to the fire brigade, part of the building has collapsed, trapping workers inside. Efforts to rescue them are underway. The Greek news agency ERT Kozani is reporting that at least three people are currently unaccounted for and several have been injured.

One employee said the explosion had occurred half an hour before the start of the morning shift. As staff arrived at work, they had found the factory almost leveled, with one of the security guards on duty in deep shock at what he had witnessed. He was taken to hospital in Grevena by ambulance.

Commander Kalaidopoulos, of the firefighting unit in attendance, stated that the blast had been so forceful, it had completely leveled the production unit, and debris had been thrown some 200 to 300 meters (650 to 980 feet) from the site of the explosion. 

It is reported that the factory belongs to Hellenic Explosives Technology (ELTEK Ltd), headquartered in Grevena. The cause of the explosion is not yet known.


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