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Zelensky ‘hysterical’ as Ukraine loses ground – Kremlin

Kiev knows that even regular supplies of Western weapons won’t be enough to turn the tide, Dmitry Peskov saysZelensky ‘hysterical’ as Ukraine loses ground – Kremlin

Zelensky ‘hysterical’ as Ukraine loses ground – Kremlin

FILE PHOTO: Russian servicemen fire an artillery gun in the special operation zone amid Russia’s military operation in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s request for permission to use foreign-made long-range weapons against Russia is proof that Kiev has gone into full panic mode as Moscow’s troops continue to advance, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said.

In an interview with Reuters on Monday, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky admitted that Kiev had found itself in a “most difficult” situation on the front line due to a Russian offensive in the border Kharkov Region. He also lamented delays in Western assistance and the lack of authorization to use Western weapons against targets on Russian territory.

“We are negotiating with partners so that we can use their weapons against buildups of Russian equipment on the border and even [on] their territory… So far, there is nothing positive,” the Ukrainian leader said.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Peskov noted that the authorities in Kiev and Zelensky himself “have been making many statements in recent days, sometimes in fact slipping into hysteria. This is due to the extremely unfavorable frontline situation of the forces of the Kiev regime.”

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Zelensky ‘yelling at generals’ – The Economist

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He also suggested that Kiev’s problems had been caused by inconsistent Western arms deliveries. “The desired steady pace [of shipments] is not there. And most importantly, there is a growing understanding that even if this even pace of military deliveries is restored, it won’t allow the Ukrainian Army to turn the tide,” Peskov said.

The spokesman also said Russia would continue its military campaign in the face of what he called “inhuman shelling of civilian facilities” on its soil. “We are taking appropriate measures, as President [Vladimir Putin] has said,” he stated.

Earlier this month, Russian troops launched an offensive in Kharkov Region, capturing numerous border settlements. According to media reports, Kiev was caught off guard despite having received advanced warnings from the West. Ukrainian servicemen have also complained about the lack of defenses in the area, with some money earmarked for fortifications having been reportedly stolen.

The Russian attack came after Putin said in March that Moscow could “at some point” establish a “cordon sanitaire” in Kiev-controlled areas to deter Ukrainian cross-border attacks on civilians and critical infrastructure. Last week, he confirmed that the offensive had served this purpose, but said Russia had no plans to capture Kharkov itself.


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